Weather extremes and reports of disasters make it clear: Climate change is dramatically picking up speed. At the same time, concern about climate change makes people all over the world join and take the streets. A global climate movement has emerged. Do you demonstrate for political action to prevent continued global warming? Do you think climate protection concernes us all?


Join the Youth Climate Action Day!


Youth Climate Action Day 2020 took place on December 5th. Numerous groups participated in 11 countries. They planted trees, organised painting and sketches competitions, bicycle manifestations, particpiated in workshops, collected plastic waste and creatively campaigned for climate protection. A Youth Climate Action Day is also planned for 2021. The date will be published here.

Global challenges like climate change don’t disappear with the Corona crisis. Especially now setting the course for climate protection is particularly important – and thus the commitment of all of us. Start your own action and network with young people worldwide!

Become part of this worldwide movement and show the world what young people can achieve. Why should we leave it to the politicians to decide on the future of our planet Earth?


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Realize your own ideas

Whether you do it with your friends, youth group, school class, siblings or alone – develop your own action ideas for Youth Climate Action Day.

Please observe the valid distance rules so that nobody endangers oneself in times of Corona pandemic. But we can still set a common sign for climate protection.

We will be happy if you send us an e-mail to or post your idea on to tell us about your plans.


Show your Action

On Climate Action Day young people all over the world share their environmental action via social media: You ride your bike to get to school? You discuss with your parents how to shop plastic free? On December 5th you could maybe meet with your friends or your sports group for a joint action?

Please let us know what you are doing for a better climate! Sharing is important! Post your photos or videos with #climateactionday on Instagram, Twitter or

Go for it! Get connected! Get new ideas!

Action Idea 1

Bike manifestation for climate friendly traffic

Cars belong to largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

But nevertheless streets seem to belong to them. With a colorful, loud bike tour you can advocate a better transport policy making clear that in the future the environmental alliance has priority – as there are public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. With a small party at the end you can even catch more attention, get to talk with the people and learn new things.

Action Idea 2


You don’t know how to demonstrate in times of Corona? For a Chalk-Demonstration you just need chalk, time and some creativity. With chalk you are able to draw pictures, messages and even links from webpages on the ground for the people who are passing by. You can use that space to draw attention to the topics that you find most important. Use your creativity! Just make sure that you don’t draw on private property. You might check with your city administration first, if and where it is allowed to draw.

Action Idea 3

dancing for climate protection
Silent climate parade

The Silent Climate Parade is a climate-friendly parade with Silent Disco. Take your smartphone and download great music. You can even listen to the same music as everyone if discussed before. Meet all your friends at the same time at a same place. Invite other people to join you and listen to the music through your headphones while dancing along the streets. Carry along some statements on your t-shirt, banner or other well-seen materials. There is a contrast between our space, with its dancers, in another noisy big city. This is also symbolical to everyday life, the ongoing silent climate change that is hardly present.


Already now we feel the advanced impact of climate change. According to the Norwegian Refugee Council three times more people flee their homelands from extreme environmental accidents, than from war or civil conflicts. Although countries of the Global South just contribute minimally to CO2 emissions they are particularly affected by climate change. Climate justice means that countries that bear the main responsibility for global warming have to assume global responsibility for consequences and limiting of climate change. Climate justice also includes generational equity and environmental responsibility: instead of leaving environmental conditions for future generations behind which are at least as good as they are now, the CO2 intensive standard of living leads to a situation where future generations have to overcome the hardly predictable impacts of climate change.

Youth Climate Action Day is a worldwide movement of young people who are concerned about climate change and global injustice. Since 2012 young people in several countries of the world start concrete actions for climate protection and climate justice around the date of the UN-Climate Conference. They point up possibilities for action and learn from each other. The many ideas and actions are shared via social media and become visible on the Climate Action Day world map.

The annual UN-Climate Conferences are an attempt to find answers on climate change and to limit earth heating. Even though this year’s UN-Climate Conference was postponed due to Corona- crisis: Climate protection remains one of the most urgent global challenges. Political measures must be guided by the principles of ecological and social sustainability, future compatibility and adaptability. Everyone of us can do something and at the same time show the policy makers what is important to us.This is how we can work with one spirit and empower each other!


Preparation Team of the Climate Action Day:
Institute for Mission, Ecumenism and Global Responsibility Westphalia (MÖWE)
Evangelical Church of Westphalia
United Evangelical Mission
One World Network NRW

Please post your ideas, tell about your actions and find sympathizers on and #climateactionday for Instagram and Twitter.

Please ask our preparation team, if you need any help:

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