Weather extremes and reports of disasters make it clear: Climate change is dramatically picking up speed. At the same time there is a continuing increase in carbon dioxide concentration and other climate-damaging emissions. Scientists make it clear that there is an increasingly urgent need of acting now in order to stabilize our planet Earth in a habitable condition.

It is time for action now!
Climate Action Day 2019 is going to take place on November 30th.

We are currently providing a new format as a response to the worldwide youth movement for climate protection. As soon as it gets more concrete you will find all information about participation here and on Facebook.

The annual UN Climate Conferences are an attempt to find answers to climate change and to limit global warming. The World Climate Conference 2015 in Paris was a real landmark, as for the first time politicians presented a climate protection treaty that was supposed to apply equally to all participating countries. The central aim of the Paris Agreement is to keep the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.The 25th World Climate Conference (COP 25) will take place in Chile from the 2nd to the 13th of December 2019. Diplomats, politicians and representatives of civil society will define steps for the practical implementation of the climate protection goals.

The Climate Action Day is a worldwide movement of young people who are not indifferent to climate change and global injustice. Since 2012 young people in several countries of the world start concrete actions for climate protection before every UN-Climate Conference. United we are strong for climate protection! We point up possibilities for action and learn from each other.

Become part of this worldwide movement and show the world what young people can achieve. Why should we leave it to the politicians to decide on the future of our planet Earth?


Preparation Team of the Climate Action Day:
Institute for Mission, Ecumenism and Global Responsibility Westphalia (MÖWE)
Evangelical Church of Westphalia
United Evangelical Mission
One World Network NRW


Please post your ideas, tell about your actions and find sympathizers on www.facebook.org/climateactionday

Please ask our preparation team, if you need any help:

Europe: Johanna Schäfer and Hannah Fischer, info@climateactionday.org
Asia: Sophia Anggraita, Anggraita-S@vemission.org
Africa: Rev. Dr. Kahongya Kambale, Kahongya-K@vemission.org

Johanna Schäfer
Institute for Mission, Ecumenism and Global Responsibility
Olpe 35 // 44135 Dortmund // Phone + 49 231-540976